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The Fahrplacenter site has a mass of links to African railways, some of which are repeated specifically under the countries below - see This includes both historical and contemporary information (3rd December 2008).Railways Africa - although South Africa based/orientated, has contemporary information on African Railway developments (3rd December 2008).

A CFB site - states that the railway (still under reconstruction) has two operational steam locomotives reserved for an eventual museum (215 and 216).

These are described as 'Garratts' but the numbers were actually carried by two Baldwin 4-8-0s!

Further information would be very welcome (29th June 2007).

It seems that the number of surviving Cape Gauge steam locomotives is quite considerable, Trevor Heath has sent me a note he has had from Scott Jesser (8th November 2007) detailing locations and their contents, a video of the locos at Huambo has now been posted

There are a number of videos of the Huambo collection posted by Jamie Grieve on (31st December 2008).

Jose da Palma is based in the country and has provided an update and a view of the 'new' Benguela Railway (updated 16th October 2012).In addition, it seems that that many (21 at the last count) of the steam locomotives of the CF Luanda have survived and are now rusting away at Catete not so far east of Luanda, as reported on Gavin Hamilton's site - changed 31st July 2012), some of which are necessarily Garratts, changed 31st July 2012), it's worth scrolling down this page for more information...v=l Y8wl FHJpj8 (26th December 2007) and for a further video see v=_6y TFBb KHz Q (22nd June 2008) For a huge set of images by Jamie Grieve, check out start=all (thanks to Trevor Heath and John Raby for this, 9th April 2008).An account is also on Gavin Hamilton's site - changed 31st July 2012).