Dating a man with a spinal cord injury

Of course, we had our reservations about going because it was going to be a mission for Paul to get around.

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Then we heard Guns N Roses was part of the line up, and we just couldn’t resist.

Before the accident Paul and I always decided we were going to Coachella.

Here’s some stuff we accomplished and it all started with Coachella!

I guess you can say it was somewhat of our ” breath of fresh air” since Paul’s injury.

We knew we had a long walk back when we heard, ” Hey you guys need a ride? He was so down to earth and took us right to our car. It was a blast and we can’t wait to go again next year.

Another really, really, really cool and my most favorite thing we did this month was participate in The Wings for Life World Run. Wings for Life raised a little over 7 million dollars, all of which goes to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. In Pauls case, it’s been work harder, so he can play a little.Paul walked with canes an incredible 1 mile before the chaser car caught up to him. Thank you to those who joined the IRidefor Paul team ( Aaron Lutze, Ivan Sanjuan Sanz , Jill Kintner, Amanda Abril, Scott Hart, Brandon Risk, Melissa Couch, Marc Cruz, Cam and Amanda Zink, Angeline Paule, Jiune Chiang, Nick Pavelka and the Harris Family) As a team we covered 141.59 km. I was so inspired by the strength, courage, and determination by everyone who participated in this event. You can go onto the Wings for Life website and register for next year now! I am always blown away by Paul, but the past couple of months have been really special to see how hard he’s been working.A lot of the people would hold their hands out to guard him from others. I was also really touched by how many people offered to help us.People would stop their golf carts in the middle of the street and yell ” hop on!” One of the coolest moments we had was after the Guns N Roses concert.We were fighting the crowds to get back to our car and all of the golf carts were full. We saw a ton of great bands and met some really cool people.