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Defence giant BAE Systems has seen sales and profits rising on the back of increased military spending and said the vote for Brexit would mean ‘uncertainty’ but would not hurt the business in the short specifically designed for singles from Telford and across the UK, looking for more from an online dating website in Telford.

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Digitisation has changed the way we live and work and in an era of online transactions, banks no longer need outlets in smaller towns.

This is a list of Sheriffs and High Sheriffs of Shropshire The Sheriff is the oldest secular office under the Crown.

Formerly the High Sheriff was the principal law enforcement officer in the county but over the centuries most of the responsibilities associated with the post have been transferred elsewhere or are now defunct, so that its functions are now largely ceremonial. From 1204 to 1344 the Sheriff of Staffordshire served also as the Sheriff of Shropshire.Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972, on 1 April 1974 the office previously known as Sheriff was retitled High Sheriff.Prime Minister David Cameron today urged Shropshire Star readers to get behind this year’s Cash For Your Community scheme, which will see £20,000 shared out among 50 good causes across Shropshire and Mid Wales.Hauntings and Shropshire go hand in hand given all the historic buildings we have across the county and there have been many ghost sightings across the county over the years - and we have complied a list of some of the stories which will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand-up. I can’t help wondering, had the boot been on the other foot, whether the Brexit voters would have whinged also.Yes, human nature being as it is, we probably would have.The decision by Lloyds to close 200 branches and shed 3,000 jobs is bad news for the local economy.