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Subsequently, the eastern platform was abandoned but the tracks around it were left in place to be lifted at a later date.The ticket office was demolished and access to the remaining western platform is presently by a single flight of steel stairs from Manchester Road North.The station now lies adjacent to a large roundabout where the A57 trunk road and the M60 and M67 motorways intersect. Denton Station on the occasion of the annual works outing of Oldham Battery Company to Blackpool.

Denton Railway Station, Manchester Road North, Denton Historically, Denton Railway Station was situated on the Stockport and Guide Bridge line of the London & North Western Railway, 6 miles south east of Manchester and 4½ miles north east of Stockport.

This was once a busy line where coal from Denton Colliery on Stockport Lane was transhipped onto the rail network at Denton Colliery Sidings in North Reddish situated to the south west of Dane Bank.

Adjoining the station, on the opposite side of Manchester Road, there were sidings in a large goods yard, containing a goods shed, that was used by Lancashire Felt Works and next to this there was another siding for Denton Gas Works owned by Denton Urban District Council.

Just outside the station stood the Queen's Hotel where passengers could quench their thirst.

Denton Station is widely known because it is one of the hosts of Britain's least frequent train service, which is once a week on Friday mornings.

Presently, the departure times are from Stockport (Edgeley) Platform 3a, from Reddish South, from Denton and from Guide Bridge to arrive at Stalybridge at .It travels via Heaton Norris but does not stop there.When it opened in 1871 it had stables but it was unsuccessful as a railway hotel.It was demolished in 1983 to make way for the M67 motorway.The line eventually had four tracks and there were two island platforms at the station, with two tracks laid between the islands and one on either side.There was a ticket office that was accessed from the north side of Manchester Road and two flights of stairs down to the platforms.