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Normal Moscow women never engage in Russian women scams. It's not that hard to pretend to be a silly Moscow girl looking for love.In fact, they condemn them because scammers create negative image of our ladies throughout the world. You can do it from Illinois, Brussels and even Maldives - the only thing you need for Russian women scams is a laptop and couple of stolen photos. One scammer can pose as dozens of girls, sending mails to every possible victim.

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They work long hours composing emails, chatting with people, looking out for someone to fool - no wonder they create an impression that the Internet is full of greedy and lustful Russian gold-diggers. I'm not talking about you, of course, but think about it - how many men from your country came to Russia looking for Russian brides?

I'd bet many of them were just buying a beautiful and obedient sex doll in exchange for their passport. R, knowing the only good thing about them was their citizenship?

Wouldn't you agree there were thousands of losers looking for their last chance in the former U. Anyways, this tsunami of people looking for "easy ride" was one of the reasons to rise of the scammers. I'd say you can separate Russian women scams into 3 main categories, based on how far they are willing to go.

Russian women scams - there's so many of them these days!

We hear about new cases all the time - there just seem to be so many dirty trick around!

Looking for love in Russia, but worried about all the fraud?I've prepared this nice little page that'll answer your questions about dating Russian women - and not being stripped of your money.To summarize what's written below - don't worry, be reasonable and persistent - and you'll do great...don't forget to buy her a nice wedding ring 😉 Do all Russian women do that? In fact, scammers are only a tiny portion of Russian women - and they aren't necessarily women.Heck, they may not even be Russian - some of them sit in Europe and US, stealing photos and creating fake identities.In fact, you may be exchanging love letters with a guy from Texas who fools you with pictures of Russian movie stars!