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Is it love or lust that drives divorced Catholics back into the dating world? Sometimes it’s easy to mistake one for the other or feel we need to succumb to both.

Online Christian dating sites feel less risky than face to face searches but may offer more temptations, and too few divorced Catholics stop to consider their motives before giving online dating a shot. While intense passion, great desire, and incredible sexual pleasure are expected and beautiful within the gift of marriage, they are not the same as lust. It is the need to release sexual tension that can be fueled by many things from pornography to conversations that cross lines that are sometimes difficult to discern until it is “too late.” Lust seeks to please oneself.Whether your motive is love or lust, you’ve decided to reenter the Christian dating world. Of course, the lustful individual often hopes to bring pleasure to a partner as well, but that is often an added bonus rather than the focus of sexual expression.With nervous anticipation, you’ve signed up with an online Christian dating site and have placed your profile out there. Pleasure to a partner often serves to heighten one’s own sexual appetite and to increase his feelings of control, prowess, and desirability rather than a desire to put a partner’s needs ahead of one’s own.Then comes your first “hit.” With a little adrenaline rush, you check out his online profile thinking to yourself despite the odds, “Could this be the one? This leaves many individuals caught in lustful relationships feeling insecure.” He’s cute you think wondering if people even say the word “cute” when considering a date at your age? Lust takes us to places we know are wrong, places where we lack self-control, and places that would make us feel shame if they were to be known to others. From the drive to fill the vacuum left by lost marital closeness to the little thrill divorced Catholics get knowing someone checked their online dating profile to the language associated with online dating, (as in, there has been a “hit” on your profile), many divorced Catholics set themselves up for lust rather than love.