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Associate Veterinarian Position Open - Issaquah, WA.

CUTSA is an environment for people to create friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

As you’ve probably noticed the site hasn’t been updated for a while. Aside from all the contributions I’ve received from my friends (thanks guys!!

), this blog has always been a one-man vehicle and a very dear hobby of mine.

Urban and boarding environments can also expedite the spread of these parasites. Whether you are taking your pet with you via car or plane, or boarding them while you are away, Klahanie Animal Hospital can guide you through the traveling process. from an accredited school, or ECFVG certification or other suitable qualifications.

We will perform a thorough physical examination and check for internal parasites, some of which cannot be detected with the human eye. The temperate, wooded Seattle area makes for a year round flea and tick season.

Whether you are adopting from an individual, breeder, or shelter, we recommend bringing your pet in as soon as possible.Must be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in state of Washington. Welcome to CUTSA, Carleton Univerisity Tamil Students Association, the first Tamil Students' Association in Canada.We seek to preserve and cherish our language and culture while forging ahead and evolving as a community.The organization allows members to become active in social, cultural and professional arenas.We provide opportunities for students to connect with each other, while building bridges with other student groups and the Tamil community in Ottawa .