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Canceled my account with this site the day before subscription was due.Within 2 hours I received and email from Pay Pal a payment for another 4 months has been taken by Plenty Of Fish. I've just been scammed over $13500 from someone from this site. He pretended he was travelling, 50 messages a day then travelled to Benin, well what he told me and then was stuck there with NO money.

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POF will restrict access to basic features such as viewing who wants to meet you and the matches POF puts out to you often aren't even genuine because it's probably a lure for you to pay money. Most reviews just sound like ppl taking their rejections out on pof.

I wouldn't use this dating site again as it is a waste of time and effort. Maybe the girls dont message you or seem stuck up because they don't like you.

As a trailblazer of casual sex and being skint, I am allegedly the prime example of the demographic that is turning to the Tinder i Phone app.

This is supposed to be a Dating Site not somewhere for Scammers Early on I could answer an upgraded do you want to meet him profile, now, I get a message to say I must upgrade in order to contact the person.

This is extortion, blackmail, manipulation and other words I prefer not to use.

The fact is these men sent through on that section of pof do not know they have been sent through, this I found out very early when they sent through someone who, would never have contacted me and he told me what they do.SHAME SHAME SHAME on you POF..who may be genuine don't get an answer on this section because I for one don't wish to make a fool of myself.Lorinoties I have been on this site twice, have started chatting to some nice guys then log on to answer my messages and it says that my username and password is invalid. This site for some reason just deletes your profile, then you can't get no answer from customer service. Could not find a way to advise of a scammer using this site supposedly from the UK.He tells woman hes fighting an inheritance but it needs to be sent to someone in another country, then continues to have costs to have it released and offers woman a percentage if they help.But asks for financial help to get it but this is all fake. Have used this site years ago & it was great, now it's pretty much guys looking for a hook up & that's it.Met several this time but deleted my profile after I was personally threatened by a nutter, made a complaint with details & a warning of how dangerous he is & could be to other women & they still allow him to be active on there. I tried this website thinking it would be a good idea but it quickly turned into a headache to say the least.