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It helped that Northern Virginia, which abuts the nation’s capital, is home to hundreds of federal contractors whose businesses remained stable.

The unemployment rate in Virginia peaked at 7.4%, well below the peak national rate of 10%.

With the Virginia governor limited to just one term, Kaine ran for the Senate in 2012 and won.

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s choice for vice-presidential running mate, describes himself as “boring.” In this year’s presidential race, that’s an asset.

The Virginia Senator is a centrist Democrat who may turn out to be the most conventional member of either party’s ticket. Unlike Mike Pence, he served as governor of his state without inciting a major controversy. Kaine grew up in Kansas City, Mo., and was a whiz kid who graduated from the University of Missouri in three years, then went to Harvard Law School.

And unlike his own running mate, Hillary Clinton, Kaine has made no notable leftward lurch to appease Bernie Sanders supporters seeking a heavier federal hand on the tiller of the U. Along the way, he spent a year volunteering with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras, where he learned Spanish.He moved to Richmond, Va., to practice law, developing a specialty representing minorities facing housing discrimination.Kaine got elected to the Richmond City Council in 1994 and eventually became mayor.Next: a stint as Virginia’s lieutenant governor, then his election as governor in 2006.Kaine took office as the Great Recession was brewing and spent most of his term dealing with shortfalls in the state’s budget.He kept it balanced by cutting nearly $5 billion in state spending, without raising taxes.